Domestic Tranquility

Lee asked his friend Anat if flickering lights bothered her and she told this remarkable story:

Transcript: Every time I go to my parents house, I can’t sleep and I get really irritated. This time when I went I realized that it’s because the lights in the house are flickering! No one else in the family notices it, they all think that it’s perfectly fine. So I ask “Dad, what’s going on with the lights? ” And he’s like, “Oh yeah, I changed to these LED lights a few years ago.” I asked “Dad, did you change to a dimmer switch that’s compatible with LED lights?” And he says “Yeah, yeah, it’s all good.” But I realized that it was not good. So I ordered 12 switches and switched the lights. And it was amazing! I didn’t tell my dad. He comes home and he’s looking around and looking around and he finally says with curiosity in his voice, “Something is very calm about this house.” A little time goes by and he asks “What did you change?!” “I changed the light bulbs!” And he’s like, “Wow.” And since then, they have been sleeping better. – Anat S. as told to Lee Sonko, March 2019