Domestic Tranquility

Lee asked his friend Anat if flickering lights bothered her and she told this remarkable story:


Lee: Say again about your parents and when you went to their house.

Anat: Ok, so, every time I go to my parents house, I can’t sleep and I get really irritated. This time when I went I realized that it’s because the lights are flickering. Nobody else notices this flickering light and they all think that it’s perfectly fine. So i’m like, “Dad, what’s going on with the lights?” And he’s like, “Oh yeah, I changed to these LED light bulbs a few years ago.” And I’m like, “Mmm, yeah, no.” So I’m like, “Dad, did you change to a dimmer switch that’s compatible with LED lights?” And he’s like, “Yeah, yeah, it’s all good.” But I realized that it was not good. So I ordered 12 switches and switched the lights. And I switched the bulbs. It was amazing! Now they could sleep.”

Lee: And what did you dad say?

Anat: And so I didn’t tell my dad. I didn’t tell my dad. And my mom was like all quiet about it and my dad comes home and he’s like looking around and looking around. And finally he was like, “Something is very calm with this house.” I’m like, “Yeah”. And he’s like “Yeah.” And a little bit of time goes by and he’s like, “What did you change?” I’m like, “I changed the light bulbs! I changed the dimmer switch!” And he’s like “Wow!” And since then they’ve been sleeping! It was amazing! Amazing! So your project’s going to kill it!

Lee: Yes!

Anat S. as told to Lee Sonko, March 2019