Bangkok Jam

Here’s my personal story about the lighting in a local restaurant. See the transcript below.

The place recorded at 1/8x speed “slow motion” on my phone. Notice anything strange?

“I really love going to Bangkok Jam, it’s a Thai restaurant in Berkeley. A couple years ago I went in with my then-fiancee and immediately something was wrong. I had this sense that there was this pressure… that the place was vibrating weirdly. And I’m not the kind of person who thinks things “vibrate weirdly”! And I turned around to go outside and the feeling went away. I looked up it occured to me that every light in the place… they used to have these candelabras and it used to be that every light in the place was an incandescent bulb and they replaced them with these flourescent or LED lights and they were all just buzzing. I tried to sit down and tried to eat a meal and I was there for like 10 minutes and I couldn’t eat! It caused… “stress”. It was stress! So we sat outside and it was fine, it was great. We’ve been back there a couple times and we sit outside. It’s a little chilly in Berkeley so we don’t go there nearly as much as we used to. I would love to eat there. But every time I walk in there, it hits me. It’s weird.” – Lee Sonko, April 2019