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Preparing smelts
just put in to fry
Dorothy cooking smelts.jpg
A cooked smelt.jpg

Smelts are very flavorful, similar to but less pungent than anchovies. The popularity of this dish in our family waxes and wanes; it's a simple recipe but there is a lot of prep work, and it certainly makes the house smell like fish when they are frying up!

I got Dorothy excited about making them in spring 2013 after some 10+ years. I simply said that I missed them, which I did! They remind me of many Thanksgiving dinners at our house in Smoke Rise. Back then had a fantastic and noble dining room and this was the stinky prince that presided!

Recipe... so simple!

  • remove the head and fillet each fish
  • dredge through flour
  • fry in 1/4" of vegetable oil until medium brown
  • share and enjoy!