French Scrambled Eggs

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6 eggs
3 tbsp unsalted room temp butter
4 tbsp heavy whipping cream

beat 6 eggs and 1 tbsp cream just until yolks are incorporated.

heat sauce pot over low/med heat. use pot (not pan.) like you're making a custard or pudding instead of frying eggs.

put in one tbsp butter until mostly melted. don't let butter get brown.

pour in eggs and start stirring right away making sure to scrape the bottom of pot continually. a hard plastic or wooden spatula works best. the goal it to keep the eggs on the bottom and sides from solidifying. it takes a while, but you'll notice the eggs start to thicken a little after a couple minutes. Keep scraping!! that's the key. be patient. they will cook-- I promise.

while you're stiring gradually add in the rest of the butter and cream.

when the eggs start to get lumpy and start looking like "real" scrambled eggs, turn the heat down very low (keep stiring)and add in a pinch of salt (and pepper if you like.) turn heat
off just before eggs are the perfect consistency for you. they'll continue to cook a bit after heat is off. keep stirring till perfect and add some grated parm if you like😘.

Eat! oh yeah... you can stop stirring now.