Pumpkin Fritters

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Squash flowers at Carmine's Supermarket
Making Squash Flower Fritters.jpg
Squash Flower Fritters, just before Easter 2013 in FL
Lee eating squash flower fritters.jpg

Dorothy writes, "When grandma made those pumpkin fritters she sprinkled granulated sugar over them when they came out of the pan"

Noni and I found squash flowers at Carmine's Supermarket near Jupiter FL around Easter 2013 so we decided to try and recreate Ida's Pumpkin Flower Fritters

Since we don't have a recipe, we started with the Corn Fritters recipe. It came out well except stiff eggs whites got put into the mixer with the other ingredients too long, making them a bit flatter than we hoped. And the squash flowers got minced up in the mixer; next time the squash flowers should go in at the very very end, maybe just dragging the flowers through the batter.