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This is from the master of lonza in Jessup PA. In December 2008 Lee Jr and Lee Sr visited his house in Jessup and came away with this. Lee Jr hasn't tried the recipe yet but will shortly!


1) Get a boneless pork shoulder butt or boneless pork loin. It's about a 4 lb cut of meat. When done, it'll be about 1 3/4 lb

2) Roll the pork in the Salt Rub.

Salt Rub:
20 parts salt
1 part allspice
1 part nutmeg
1 part black pepper
1 part granulated garlic
1 part sugar

Place on a wooden rack in a warm part of your cellar. Note: the pork is going to "sweat" and fluids will run onto your floor. Place newspaper under the rack or place rack near a floor drain and rinse when finished. Let the pork sweat for at least 3 days, replacing the salt rub as necessary. The warm room that I saw in Jessup didn’t have any special humidity controls. Just the concrete floor of a garage that leads to a drain.

3) For each day under the salt rub let the pork soak in cold water 60 seconds. Remove any visible salt rub.

4) With a soup ladle and while holding pork, ladle warm vinegar wash on pork until pork is fully exposed to vinegar wash solution.

Vinegar Wash:
1 part vinegar
1 part water
3 garlic cloves
1 apple peel (for the malic acid)
Heat mixture until very warm (not boiling)

Don't rinse off the Vinegar Wash but pat it dry.

5) Sprinkle granulated garlic onto the entire surface of the pork.

6) Roll pork in pure ground black pepper.

7) Put pork into a brown paper "lunch bag". Roll bag so that the pork is tight within. Place brown bag into a clam bag and tie tightly. Tightly place 3 to 4 heavy rubber bands evenly on the pork.

8) Hang in 40 degree (ideal) environment for 60 days. Naturally our cellar in Jan, Feb, Mar, attains this temperature but you can cure pork also in a dedicated refrigerator as we spoke about.

Slice it thin, share and enjoy!

We have had great success with this recipe, but I trust as you will find everyone's recipe is a little different and maybe someday you will choose to tweak this as well. Enjoy!