English Scones from Priscilla Lane

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From Charlotte 7-30-06

Priscilla Lane's English Scones

Preheat oven to 450 F

Use a pastry blender to combine (Or use a knife and fork to cut the butter into the flour) I believe that my pastry blender is at your place...either with the spices or in the closet...If flat on a table it looks liek a D. The stem being a wooden handle and the curved part being a bunch of thing strips of metal.

2 sticks butter
4 cups flour

It should look corn-mealy

4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup sugar

Mix in
3/4 cup currants (or other quantity of dried or frozen fruit or chocolate chips)

1 cup milk or cream (high fat is the watchword) MIX with fork. Don't overmix.
Add a bit extra liquid if it can prevent you from overworking the dough.

The dough will not be a consistent texture--more like bits, and flakes and stuff and some loose unmixed floury parts, but it mostly/sort of coheres.

Flour a flat surface (those cutting board sheets you ahve work well as pastry sheets).

PAT the dough into a large-ish rectangle, about 1/2"
thick. Cut down the middle. Divide each half into twelve or so triangles -it's all about the geometry!!
Place on baking sheet- they don't mind snuggling.
Bake in upper half of oven 8-10 minutes until lightly brown. The more dairy that is added, the longer they will have to bake--up to twice as long, if the dough is sticky/tacky as oppsed to sticky/powdery.

For savory scones
Cheddar-dill (remove sugar/fruit-add 3/4 grated cheese and some dill-about a teaspoon full-give or take--or use differnt grated hard cheese and other herbs...as you like or can dream up) Add chives or scallions

Now you have all my important secrets. Guard them well!
Priscilla glazes hers with egg white. I don't bother.