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Can’t Really Recommend Pligg

2 weeks ago I found a CMS system called Pligg. Before using it, I took a look at the blog on the site. I noted what looked like an overly emotional post about Dreamhost and a billing problem they had recently. The line was crossed not when they billed me prematurely for two years of […]

Offensive Google Adsense and Section Targeting

I’ve noticed that Google Ads sometimes serves up ads into my blog that I think are offensive (and bizarre). I’m trying to get rid of them by putting them in my “competitive ad filter” in Google Adsense. We’ll see how it goes. (grumble grumble) I also just started using Google Adsense section targeting. I now […]

What are you bringing to Burning Man?

What are you going to bring? I’m bringing a fleet of semi-autonomous spherical robots keyed off GPS, on-board sensors and a Kalman filter; using sound, light and motion they mimic.. and even create their own flocking behaviors. There are no spectators at Burning Man.

Today I bought a stainless steel toothbrush

It’s always fun when you’re getting into a new sport. This time, it’s TIG welding. Darn it if I don’t know what every item on this shopping list is :-) Prt Num Prt Name Price Quantity Extended 45V26 Gas Lens Collet Bdy 3/32, 2.4mm (WP-17, 18, 26) $4.67 1 $4.67 54N01 Insulator (WP-17, 17V, 18, […]

Chess: Something I thought that maybe I could be really good at if I tried harder… but no.

(via, and) But let me again emphasize, to be good at chess, you need to study and read a bit. But you also have to have the talent. I used to be, what I thought, was a pretty decent chess player. I easily beat most people I played and could defeat most of those hand-held […]

Protect yourself welding stainless steel

Last year I helped to build The Serpent Mother with the Flaming Lotus Girls. I welded and ground a lot of stainless steel sheet. Here is a safety guide I created for safely working with stainless steel.

AprilAire 2400

Useful information if you own an AprilAire 2400 whole house air cleaner: The OEM filter (model 401) for the AprilAire 2400 is a MERV 8 (via since it mentions “70% of 3 micron particles”) (more info about MERV ratings) (image via) You can get filters that catch smaller sizes but they get expensive. For example, […]

Robot Reckoning Question

Dear Lazyweb, I’m working on an project where we will have 5-10 robots moving around a large field… 100-1,000 yards. Right now we’re planning on using a mix of differential GPS, accelerometers and and a kalman filter so the robots can determine their position to within 1 meter or less. This may or may not […]

Lost your comment??

If you tried to submit a comment on the site recently and my spam filter said there was a problem, then I didn’t see your message. I know that I wrote “blah blah… don’t sweat it…” but feh, I missed it. Sorry.

Protection during stainless steel welding

I’m going to be doing a bit of stainless steel welding shortly. I know that the fumes can be dangerous, mostly because of hexavalent chromium, but I’m having a hard time getting the following question answered: Exactly what do I need to do to keep myself safe while welding stainless steel? Update 4-12-09: Here is […]