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Recommendation for Compact Washer and Dryer

Recommendation for Compact Washer and Dryer.

We may be replacing our compact (24″ wide) stacked washer dryer very soon. We have a vent. Can you recommend any particular models?

I long for when I used to have a tiny apartment washing machine. That was a completely awesome appliance! But no use in looking back, I’m a family man now!

Can I borrow/rent your large tent?

The family is going camping at the end of May for the first time. We’re looking for something like a 10 man tent for the 3 of us. Not exactly glamping, but comfortable with our queen air mattress, crib, and clothes laid out.

Do you have one we could borrow or rent? Costco has one for $200 but we just don’t go camping that often, it’ll be sitting in our closet for years.

Looking for a VHS player

Looking to use your VHS player. I’ve got some tapes but don’t know what’s on them. Could I come over and take a peek? Message me.

CASA | Student Affairs Committee

CASA | Student Affairs Committee


OT students take action!

  • Academic technology is making a concerted effort to fix Wi-Fi deficits on campus.  Please note exact locations where you experience Wi-Fi problems and report them to your SAC representative: Sara Wykoff at
  • Help represent the Occupational Therapy Department by donating ornaments that represent OT for the CASA sponsored tree in Christmas in the Park


College update from CASA Interim Dean Hines:

*Acting Associate Dean, Dr. Pam Richardson gave an update on the behalf of Dean Hines.

  • Rededication of Yoshihiro Uchida Hall
    • Yoshihiro Uchida established the first judo team at SJSU, coached 1964 Olympic team, and continues to coach at SJSU at age 94!
  • International initiative
    • International experience requirements – study abroad will be required for ELM Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Journalism students, who are starting the program in FALL 2015.
    • Helen L. Stevens Faculty-Led Program Scholarships – (12) $500 scholarships for Summer 2015 study abroad classes.


Q&A with Associate Dean Greg Payne.

  • The New Health Center will feature medical care, counseling, sports medicine and physical therapy.
    • Did you know that counseling is free for students?
  • CASA is considering eliminating CASA computer labs.
  • Construction update:
    • Yoshihiro Uchida Hall: Complete
    • Spartan Complex: Fall 2015
    • Student Health and Counseling: Fall 2015
    • Student Union Phase 1: Complete
    • Student Union Phase 2: Fall 2015
    • Aquatic Facility: Planning stages
    • Addition to Campus Village: Planning stages


SAC announcements:

Upcoming Events

Rededication of Yoshihiro Uchida Hall, YUH Building on Campus

Friday, November 7, 3-5pm. More about the rededication



Use your Rep!

How can OT use CASA to the fullest?

  • Advocate for OT (Ex. Universal design in newly constructed buildings)
  • Have your campus concerns addressed (Ex. Elimination of computer labs around school)
  • Share events (Ex. Fundraisers!)
  • Connect with nine other CASA Departments and Schools:
    • Health Science & Recreation
    • Hospitality Management
    • Journalism & Mass Communication
    • Justice Studies
    • Kinesiology
    • Library & Information Science
    • Nursing
    • Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging
    • Social Work

**Contact your representative, Sara Wykoff via email at**


College of Applied Sciences and Arts

How much do you know about CASA?

  • CASA offers a variety of resources for Occupational Therapy students located in MacQuarrie hall.
  • Computer lab (MH Room 321) can be reserved for classes
  • Student Success Center (MH Room 332) is designed to be a “home away from home” and has the ever so coveted meeting rooms


Student Affairs Committee

The primary function of the committee is to advise the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts of any student problems or needs, to recommend policy or suggest courses of action, and to suggest improvements to the College.


Interested in representing the OT students at SAC for the 2015-2016 school year? 

Contact Sara Wykoff: