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DNA Sign Makers

Funny thing, last month I went out drinking with Sean and Lara. One of their drinking buddies is Carter who built the original DNA Lounge sign! We got to commiserate over drinks about how many gyrations and how much time it actually takes to build a sign. Good times! (via)

DNA Pizza Lounge Cafe Sign – Check

This took quite a bit more time and effort than originally anticipated. But I’m pretty pleased with it. Originally mentioned on my blog and on the DNA Lounge blog. Go visit it this week at DNA Pizza, before nature claims it’s shiny buff job in place of a dark, sinister rusty patina. Now the sign […]

DNA Lounge Pizza Cafe Sign

Look what I made There is still work to be done to finish it, but it’s starting to look darn snappy! Check out JWZ’s images of the sign raising

DNA Lounge

One of the first great things I did when I moved to San Francisco in 2005 was go to the DNA Lounge with new friends and saw The Motet. What an amazing place with such energy! I’ve been back a few times, sharing the place with new and old friends. Years later, I got to […]

The DNA Lounge

That place is a disorderly house injurious to the public welfare and morals. And JWZ put up the sign to show it. FNA

Workshop Weekend in Oakland!

I may be going as a participant instead of instructor this time. Workshop Weekend Oakland registration is filling up quickly! Join us on November 10 & 11 to solder, craft, program, build, make and explore. At Workshop Weekend, a flat $40 admission gets you as many workshops as you can handle! A number of workshops […]


Please note that I wrote this post very recently after my trip to India. A year later, I am much more mellow and positive about the trip. I certainly was an experience in a foreign country! – Lee March 2011 a friend just asked about my recent trip to India. 3 friends and I took […]

SWARM at Techkriti, Kanpur India!

Along with 3 friends, I am will be presenting SWARM at the Techkriti Annual Technology and Entreprenurship Festival February 11-14th, 2010 in Kanpur India! Dr Jonathan Foote, Marnia Johnston, Niladri Bora and I will be exhibiting SWARM throughout the entire festival. On February 13th we will present our talk. We are greatly honored to be […]

Way too many bookmarks

They say you can peer into a man’s soul by looking at his bookmark file. Well, have a gander. To me, it looks like the yearly booksale at the library of Alexandria. Unfortunately it’s impossible for you my dear reader to tell which links I use all the time and which ones I’ve only visited […]

Handgun Guide for Men and Women

A while back I was considering getting a handgun. I wanted it to be easy to handle for both myself and my girlfriend. I decided on the Beretta 92FS. Actually, the box tells me that it’s a Beretta M9, the same thing with different markings. I was a little disappointed because although the Springfield XD9 […]