H&R Block $15 dollar referral free money

If you haven’t used H&R Block before but will be this year, print out and bring following referral code certificate to the office you go to and we’ll both get $15 free money.

H&R Block Referral PDF

If you will be using H&R Block TaxCut Online, use this link and we’ll both get a $5 Starbucks card as a referral https://www.taxcutreferral.com/FriendForm.aspx?id=82452834113384


  1. Lee says:

    PS, if you use this, please leave a short comment. H&R Block lets me use this with up to 5 friends.

  2. Derek says:

    Sorry, I had the audacity to file in February this year. First year that I haven’t filed in the last week possible in many years.

    And I used H&R Block, too. Darn it, procrastination pays!

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