Harold’s Deli in Edison

Dave and I went out to Harold’s Deli in Edison, NJ Saturday night. Had a great time. He gave me some new warez. I still have over 1/2 lb of pastrami in my fridge. Their portions are….. when Dave’s slice of carrot cake arrived, I couldn’t stop laughing for a full 5 minutes; it was over 18″ tall! The waitress laid it down on it’s side so it wouldn’t tip over, crushing one of us. I swear, as it sat there, it looked more like a log of firewood than a piece of cake! Dave cut a sliver off, split the sliver in half and gave it to me. It was pretty good cake, and it filled me up.

On the way out, he handed me one of his bags so he could open a door. I was confused for a moment because I hadn’t seen Dave come in with any packages, but here he was, handing me some shopping bag with maybe a toaster or a small ham in it. Then I realized, and laughed again!

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