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2-27-03 1pm

Yow! I was eating some cereal and decided to weigh it on my postal scale.... One bowl of cereal is 4-6 "servings"!!! A "serving" is 30 grams... My box went empty at 100 grams, and that was into what I consider an only moderately full bowl. That means I get over 800 calories and all of my USDA of vitamins from 1 bowl! Jeez, if I ate Total brand cereal, I might even be overdosing on some of my vitamins!!

And I'm supposed to consume 2,500 calories per day?

I'm going to have to take a close look at what I put in my mouth every day!

2-27-03 11am

I just heard on NPR news that Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers died from stomach cancer today.

Thank you for your contribution to my life, Mr. Rogers.

2-27-03 10am

My thoughts about Saddam Hussein keep shifting... and always in the same direction. Travis just showed me a heavy article about the situation there. Now please be aware that I haven't ever held any strong beliefs on the issue. I've just followed the popular media on the issue. I haven't done the research on the topic that I would need to form a firm opinion.

Disclaimer: These are all 'soft' thoughts about the situation. I haven't had a need to solidify my beliefs about the Iraq situation, though it should be evident from this journal entry where I currently stand.

I've thought for a long while that an embargo war would be moderately successful against Iraq, pulling them into a more passive role in world politics. It bugged me that I rarely heard about the Iraqi government; it was always about Saddam. I didn't really think that one man ruled the country... maybe it was ruled by a small government, but not 1 man. I felt that the media had skewed our impression, putting a single face on a whole country.

When George Dubbya talked about the situation, I assumed that.... well, Dubbya just doesn't look like an honest man to me.

Dubbya has a few speech giving habits that make me think he's a big fat liar. I recently watched him closely for these habits and a hugely prominent one is his inappropriate smiles. He'll say something serious like, "The Axis of Evil must be put down at any cost." And then he'd smile with an intensity. That smile has always said to me, "You and I both know exactly what has to be done and why. We have this mutual understanding. We are completely together on this. Our mission is so plain and clear before us. We've realized something together that is remarkable! Now let's act" It's the same smile that a teacher might show a student to emphasize a point of Eureka, that epiphany moment when the student is supposed to 'get it'. Well screw you, Dubbya. Your body language and mouth aren't on the same page! You're trying to suck me into your fantastic realization, but you haven't explained anything to me besides your dislike for the "Axis of Evil"... and you haven't even tried to convince me that this axis IS evil. And he never does present an argument... it's always just an opinion. He looks shifty, not like a leader.

Another awful habit, that he has, is to put, pauses in at completely inappropriate, moments. I listened to part of one of his speeches, today and found it almost unlistenable. It's like he's always pausing, so that a translator, can catch up, to him. It drives me, crazy!

Ah, but I digress. Let's get back to my soft opinions about Iraq.

It also often bugged me that I never heard anything from the Iraqi government. Maybe the US or the media was stifling their voice. Maybe the Iraqi government was keeping a lid on everything. There's a LOT of play there! Where is the Iraqi voice? And I know that the language of politics isn't one that I can trust. For example, when it came up that the huge Iraqi disclosure paperwork was missing some weapons and some chemicals. Well, maybe the Iraqis buried them and really never wanted to use them again but it was more of a pain to destroy them than to just bury them.... of course they could never admit to having them in the first place or the bully Americans would cry foul.   OR, maybe the Iraqis are busy loading smallpox into ICBMs and that's why we couldn't find them. I'm not qualified to say which is the truth, especially not by listening to the international politicians.

One of my alert mechanisms that I've relied on and has served me well is my wariness of repetition. If someone repeats something many many times, and goes to lengths to make sure I hear the message over and over, I become suspicious. I know that human psychology is wired so that we want to fit in... to believe what everyone else believes. This mechanism is played upon every day by advertisers and politicians trying to sway our opinions. And, by and large, it works. People buy Louis Vuittion handbags and Massingil douche regardless of their own style or the helpfulness of douching. So when our president tells me at every opportunity that we should blow up Saddam, but he doesn't give a solid reason, bells go off in my head.

Then I saw Colin Powell. He sat there showing photographs and taped recordings of legitimately extremely suspicious behavior. My opinion shifted. The most striking and dramatic revelation to me was the satellite photos. He showed photos of a suspected weapons production facility. Two days before the inspectors showed up, a whole mess of trucks pulled up and took "something" away. When the inspectors showed up, the place was empty. He said this scramble took place over thirty times. Ok, you've got my attention.

I've rarely heard the voices of Iraqi people. Travis' article gives some of them a voice and also tells me why I haven't heard from them. From my previous close contact experiences with far-left politics, I feel empowered to mutter to myself, "Bleeding fucking liberals. They're so wrapped up in their own frigging cause that they don't even know what their real cause is."


The latest distributed computing venture: Folding@Home via Google Compute. First, get the Google Toolbar. It's good. Then install the compute thingie from my link (google doesn't publicize the Compute link. I think that's because the Folding venture has already gotten pretty much enough recruits. Hehe. The Google team is more than 1/2 of Folding's distributed client base!

I now run both Seti@Home and Google Compute. I found that Seti sometimes slows down my tasks... a 1/2 second pause here and there. It's nothing big but a little bother. So I run Seti in screen-saver-only mode. I haven't ever had any performance problems with Folding, so I let it run all the time. Like right now!


I just got back with a weekend with Steve, Kim and little Benjamin. What a nice weekend! The rain kept us from cross-country skiing. Steve and I put in a garbage disposal and telephone extension in their house. Figuring out the exact piping at Home Depot was a trip. We ended up fitting together about 10 PVC parts in this fun jig-saw. Everything worked great (including my never-before-tested PVC gluing skills!) except for one thing: For the trap, we used a U-joint with a threaded and plugged hole in the bottom. The idea is that if you drop something in the sink, you can fetch it through the hole and not have to cut open the pipes with a saw. The problem was that it leaked! The rubber gasket sucked and the threads weren't very good. We were about to break out the epoxy when Stevie threw out the gasket, wrapped the threads with sealing tape and screwed it on tight. The moral of the story is: don't use U-joints with screw openings as sink traps. One alternative is to get a U-joint with compression couplings on both sides.

I also figured out how to fix our constantly leaking hot-water heater. After doing a little research for Stevie about hot water expansion tanks, it's plainly obvious that the absence of one on our system is causing our hot water heater to leak out of the safety valve. When our system was installed, they put in this ridiculous expansion-tank wanna-be. It's just a copper pipe coiled to look like a spring. It is supposed to have air in it to act as a bladder but it only has at most 1 pint of air or so in it. Though, after a few years all the air will be saturated into the water passing by. Our 50 gallon tank needs like 2 gallons of air bladder. The part that makes me angry is that we had "our" contractor come look at why the safety valve was leaking. He tested the water pressure (it was fine) and looked at the system... he even even pointed out the spring-bladder to me, and while in the furnace room installing a whole-house humidifier (incorrectly, but that's another rant) he saw the valve leaking while the water heater was running. And after all that, he didn't recommend putting in a real bladder but he DID replace the valve for $100 (it's a $10 part). Of course that didn't fix the problem! He's a friggin idiot! I'll be installing the new bladder myself, thank you very much.

I subbed on Friday! It went just fine! I subbed for 2 high school typing classes and a Photoshop class. I was also a hall monitor for 1/2 an hour! I did well with the kids. Each class had a different feel but they were all good.

A couple fun memories:


I didn't get called to Sub.... again. I still haven't Subbed! Grr! Now I'm more antsy than nervous. I just want to get my first day over with! I called and they don't have any scheduled openings on Friday either. But I might get a call Friday morning....

More NERO crapola. Now it's getting fun. Today 2 people responded to my post, which means the thread will get read even more. See the 2-19-03 entry on this page. It might even get hotly debated, which is exactly what Joe doesn't want... And fairly what I'm hoping will happen. The best medicine for censorship is openness and truth.


I've been working a lot on the website in the last few days.

2-16-03 - Started adding Gram's recipes to Cooking.
2-15-03 - updated Films.
2-12-03 - added section About My Yet Unrealized Home, updated "God Bless America" rant, updated NERO crapola, updated TV

I've got a bit of leg-work and data entry ahead of me with the recipes...

I just got back from a long walk around the neighborhood. It was a very serene sunset. I got this very in-tune feeling. I was standing on a snowy roadway listening and watching the colors around me. About 40 yards away I heard a small bird jump out of his tree, swoop down and then flap up for a landing on another tree 90 yards away. All my first impressions of his flight were with my ears and not my eyes. It was wonderful.

I took it all in, finding an eagle (hawk?) 250 yards away on a perch by his cry, then following his leap and flight toward the setting sun. I hung out for a while with about 12 other birds hanging around a large berry bearing vine. (hehe, say "berry bearing" 10 times fast!)

I saw Signs on DVD. The bonuses on the disc are great. Let me air a big-headed fantasy for a second and say, "If I made  films, I would like to make them like M. Night Shyamalan." Patience, realistic detail, connection to the viewer with realistic feeling visuals, dialog and situations...   OK, I'll put my fantasy away now.


Ack, My Netflix queue has 25 movies in it! Right now I'm feeling that Netflix doesn't give me the instant gratification that I'm used to with my Tivo. But I recall how much I enjoyed the terrific picture quality and bonuses of Signs... I suppose I'll adapt.

DVDs You Have Out:
1 Signs
2 Changing Lanes
3 Mr. Deeds

The Matrix: Revisited
Princess Mononoke
Mystery Men
Donnie Darko
The Royal Tenenbaums
Dogtown and Z-Boys
Jackson Pollock: Biography
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Cirque du Soleil: Novelle Experience
Chuck Jones: Extremes and in Betweens
Short #6: Insanity
Men in Black II
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Space: 1999: Vol. 1
Grave of the Fireflies
Grave of the Fireflies: Bonus Disc
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Lilo and Stitch
Seven Samurai
High Fidelity
Wide Awake
Spirited Away

PS. I was moderately against a war against Iraq until I saw Colin Powell's report to the U.N. 2 weeks ago. It bugs me that when George Dubbya was crying for war, I 'knew' that his agenda was finishing Daddy's work, boosting the economy by wartime production, boosting his poll numbers. But then Colin sat there and said, "Here is a satellite picture of the Iraqis shoving 'something', undoubtedly contraband into a truck 2 days before the Inspectors were to arrive. This situation repeated itself at 30 different locations." OK, that's something.

All this time, it felt like Dubbya had just been up there stumping. He's not a very believable person. He's not a very good speaker. He's not a very likable person. Why the heck is he president? Ugh... I know, that opens up another can of worms with Al Gore and such... But I'm thinking more about the big picture... Why doesn't the cream of politicians rise to the top more (note to self: don't insert snide 'scum' remark here)? Ugh, I think I'm asking questions that are too big for me to answer. "It's complicated". But I suppose by comparison, the US does a pretty good job at it.... I'm none too happy that I can't get a better handle on this issue in my mind.


Hurumph. I didn't get to sub on Friday. It was a snow day. The snow was absolutely beautiful. It was about 25 degrees, very little wind, and big fluffy beautiful flakes covered everything. The tops of all the tree branches were covered in an extraordinary way.

We put in a whole-house humidifier today. After only a few hours we could all feel the difference in the house. It feels warmer and cozier! The coziness is quite palpable.. in exactly the same way that a room in summer can be stuffy. Now our house is 3 shades closer to stuffy and 3 shades further away from bone dry.

When putting one in, you've got to watch out that you don't encourage mold growth in your ductwork. I did a little research on the topic. Here's some tips:

Think very carefully about using one if you have insulated ductwork. You can get into trouble with this. I didn't follow up on this angle but it looks important.

The guys at Lennox said that you have to make sure the plenum is at least 120 degrees. (plenum is a $5 plumber word for "duct-work"... actually, it refers to any space pressurized by air. Your ducts are pressurized by the fan in the heater so that the air gets pushed around the house) This means that (according to our installer) you shouldn't install it on a Lennox pulse-fired heater because the output air isn't hot enough.... but I don't have much faith in what he says; he installed our humidifier incorrectly.. I'll tell you about that later. It also means that you shouldn't run the humidifier while the heater isn't running. As an example, you should recall how in room humidifiers, the filters often advertise how they are impregnated with silver to keep the mold at bay. Well, imagine if there wasn't any silver and the mold had free reign of all your duct-work. Bad. The idea is that the 120 degree air in the plenum keeps the mold at bay.

In our installation, our guy incorrectly wired the motor on the humidifier to the 24 volt "ACC" accessory tie in. So the humidifier wheel would run whenever the blower in the furnace was on. I had him rewire it so that it was attached to the wires for heat (green and white wires, I think) going between the furnace and the thermostat. So then the humidifier only comes on when there is a call for heat... and the plenum is hot. We'll see how well it goes.

I was a little disappointed with their choice of humidifier as well. A Lennox WD 15 Humidiwheel. Even though the guy swore up and down that it didn't have any trouble with lime deposits, I don't believe him. There are several newer models that go to special lengths to flush lime out of the system... I mean, this thing evaporates 15 gallons of water a day of pretty hard water... The lime has to go somewhere! I've got a feeling that I'm going to be self-installing my own unit in a few months. It's good that I watched him install the unit.

Next time, I'll definitely install the things myself. The average HVAC technician just doesn't have the brain-power to get it right.

There was this other issue about a hot water heater safety valve that I spoke to him about... The conversation we had bothered me. He sounded more intent on replacing parts and charging us than fixing the problem. You see, 2 months ago we had asked him to fix a problem with a leaky safety valve on our hot water heater so he replaced the valve. He was pretty sure it wouldn't fix the problem (and it didn't) but did it anyway because we had told him "that valve leaks, fix it."    Duh, I'm not a plumber but I'm smart enough to say, "Hey, there's water on the floor, I should call someone that will know what to do." If they're not smart enough to know what to do, then I should call someone else! Or... learn how to fix it myself. Grrrr.



I'm subbing tomorrow! Just like that! I'll be subbing for an 8th grade math class. I was getting myself terribly nervous about this but when I heard what I was teaching, it all of a sudden seemed much more doable. Heck, the math class warmed me up for it! I suppose I'll be going things like basic algebra, fractions, negative numbers, and word problems.... Not completely unlike what I'm doing in the class that I'm taking! I've still got butterflies in my stomach though.


Ugh, more NERO crapola. See this page.

I'm starting to enjoy my math class. Maybe it won't be -completely- impossible. Each time I sit down to math homework, I've got to really turn on my gray matter. It's pretty cool actually. I've started cheering myself after getting hard problems. "Yes!" It feels good when you understand the universe a tiny bit more! Psych never posed itself as too much of an obstacle.

I got a call at 5am yesterday to go substitute! Just like that! I've got to call them back and tell them when I can actually work.. .and then get ready for them to call me... at 5am(!!) so I know if I'm working on a particular day.


My cousin Sam recently asked me where I got the name Gadlen:

I took the name Gadlen from a comic book that I used to read called Sandman by Neil Gaiman. The main character being The Sandman, the god of sleep... Morpheus, Dream.

There's this one time in the story when Dream comes home from a rough trip to his castle in his funky dream-domain. We get to meet the two caretakers of the place, Gadlen and Hobbes. They are these fairly strange little guys that didn't have particularly important jobs... cleaning the castle, tending to the grounds and stuff. They sort of feel like the Rosencrantz and Gildenstern of the Sandman world (mostly in the funny "R & G Are Dead, the movie way). I really enjoyed their presence... how they held themselves.

The name "Gadlen" stuck out in my mind when I wanted to create a unique name for myself to use on the internet. It pleased me that the name was, and still is, virtually unused by anyone else on the internet and the world. So there you have it!

Sandman is a tremendous comic that had a big impact on the way comics were made and marketed to older (17+) readers. It was the impetus for DC Comics' "Vertigo" label. If you're mature enough, I think you might get a lot out of it. They're now available in graphic novel format, 10 books in all I believe. I only have the first 5. Hmm... you know.... gift giving is the finest form of flattery!


Out of the blue, I was offered a staff position at a new NERO International chapter. The head of the campaign wrote to me:

I am starting a chapter of NERO International in New Jersey, and I am looking for creative knowledgeable people to form a Staff, or even just to NPC. I want to reward people justly and to have great events where a Staff that works together makes for a great game for players - even people who know nothing about NERO. I love to roleplay and I love to LARP, which is why I have gotten involved over time. I remember your characters - and though I would not normally send an email like this, I recall you as an excellent roleplayer and great to roleplay with.

I was of course appropriately flattered, and the spark inside me that glows brightly when playing shimmered a bit. But I didn't let it smolder. I'm too disappointed in the too many years of hanging out with people that couldn't ground themselves. I graciously declined the offer.


2 years ago my old company considered distributing demos and content on DVD discs but I determined that it wasn't cost effective and the disc formats had compatibility problems. DVD discs cost $17 apiece, recorded only in DVD-RAM format (only playable on DVD-RAM drives... no you don't own one), and the burners cost $6,000.

Moore's Law has been working overtime... Today, DVD media now costs as low as $0.79 per 4.7 gig disk. Recorders cost $350 for a 4x drive, recording onto DVD+R (the same format as your computer and DVD video player)

Here's a burner: Sony DRU-500A
Here's some media: (0.47 terabytes for $90!)

Of course, this makes DVD copying tools like this one very popular

The world is evolving at a lightning pace!


Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee!

Hey neat. I just caught the tail end of a song on WNTI that I had never heard before...

Artist Track Title Album Label Time Played
The Bobbettes Mr Lee 45 rpm Atlantic '51 5 Minutes ago

Check out the song (a local link)

The refrain is "Mr. Lee Mr. Lee. Oh, Mr. Lee".   A lot of people have called me "Mr. Lee" before, and they sometimes double it up, "Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee!" but I always thought they were calling me that because of it's Chinese sound and it's fun to say. Go ahead, try it! Oh, and, no my name isn't Chinese, it's a shortened form of a Hungarian name. Wow. I've lived my whole life without knowing this personally important facet of the collective unconscious!

[additionally, see my July 30, 2003 Journal entry]


Kindred spirit: Penn, the larger half of Penn and Teller.


A friend asked me, "And you? How are things?"

I got a letter just a few days ago saying that the Hackettstown school system has approved my application to become a substitute teacher. :-). They say I'll be teaching in 2 weeks.

I started my math and psych courses...

The Math class is hard. It's really hard. I'm worried. This is gonna take a lot of concentration and work... a lot of hours of cursing my own stupidity during homework sessions. Well, at least I'll have the psych class to balance it out!

I've been working a lot on my web page. I think it's replacing some important social element in my life... like not getting out enough or having a girlfriend or somesuch. It's a healthy enough and stimulating activity so I'm not too worried. Check it out at www.lee.org.

I've started playing chess online and with Chessmaster 9000. Even when set to high school level, little automaton "Carrie" still kicks my ass, but that's what learning is all about. At least she doesn't gloat about it. :-)

I continue to sell my bottles of Marilyn Merlot wine on eBay. See . Wine is gonna put me through college! (assuming my supplier doesn't run out or figure out how -he- can make as much money as I am on these bottles!

My folks haven't been in NJ now for a month and I've taken over the house. It's nice. Though I have to say that even when they were here, it was pretty darn OK. They'll be back for a week starting next week.

I'd love to have a partner to interact with, voice ideas with, and work with. I feel I'd be more happy and successful in life if I had one. I've thought this for years and I'm disheartened that for all my looking I haven't found one. I've been a part of a whole, missing the whole for a long time.


Kikkoman! Kikko Man!


 a local version

Wuw. This is some of the most..... I don't know.. you just have to see it for yourself... Wuw. Did the soy sauce maker actually commission this work? If so... what does that mean? Wuw.

If you can read the Japanese and it says anything interesting, please write to me! I'd be most interested in finding out what predicated the swinging dead cat, and how the fish-headed Kikko-Man got the chick in bed. Wuw.

Did I mention.... "Wuw"?


Here's an email response to my aunt about a question she had:

>*NEW-Special Package Deal!*
>2003 McAfee Version 7.0 Software Suite - Home Edition-
>Includes - Feature-Packed Utilities...ALL For ONE Special LOW Pr...
>Should I get this?...

It's pretty much a cardinal rule to never buy anything from a Spam message. The vast majority of spams come from scam artists trying to steal from people. I get about 20-30 spams per day (yes really!) so I pretty much know. And I get about 5 spams a month about that Mcafee. I'd guess that some software pirate in China made a gazzilion copies of Mcafee and he's sold them to spammers. OR, maybe there aren't ANY for sale and those folks will just disappear as soon as they get your credit card! I don't know... well, hey, lemme check on the internet and find out a little.

I just went on Google and searched for "mcafee version 7.0" and spam.

One of the first results I got back was
one that reports on fraud cases just like I said

So the moral of the story is, don't buy nuthin from spammers.

On the other side, if you are worried about viruses and such, you're talking to the right person! I can set you up with a legitimate copy of Norton AntiVirus and Blackice firewall. ...


I had my first classes today... Math is (surprisingly) going to be a challenge while Child Growth and Development will be an excellent opportunity for me to polish up on the fine art of BS. I haven't been in a classroom in 10 years. This will take a little getting used to!


I put some more spit-polish on my "I hate NERO" page after a friend asked me about NERO. I startle myself at how much of a grudge I'm still holding over this thing. I guess my "counter-betrayal mechanism" has been working overtime since Cha. I have to vent the toxic fumes in some direction. So, come one, come all, step right up and see the gruesome object of my disgust.


I'm still in the Wavexpress beta program... which mostly means that I write to them when I find a bug. I'll always love poking at things and making them break. More than that, I love taking all the failure modes into account to try to figure out exactly what's broken on the inside.... you know... like shaking a present at Christmas 10 different ways to try to figure out what's inside.


OK, so I was reading this article about an atheist convention in UUWorld and I ran across the wackiest thing I've seen in a long while, Rumpology, "...whereby Jacqueline Stallone (Sylvester's mom) promises to predict your future if you will merely send her a photocopy of your butt, along with (naturally) $100."


A friend wrote to me about Nooks & Crannies (tm)

>Not exactly, Lee. CLAIMING ownership, and actually owning something are two
>different animals. Just ask the folks at Enron.
>In this case, Registration No. 2614090 (NOOK & CRANNIES) (Ampersand, not
>Hungarian holding company which licenses the mark back to Unilever
>Bestfoods, the parent coporation of Entemanns, which makes Thomas' English

and my response:

Hahahah! That's hilarious! It sounds like the little old lady that swallowed a fly! But in this case, she probably swallowed the fly for tax purposes, yes?


My situation progresses at a pace... I'm starting school Tuesday so that by the fall I can enter a Masters program so that next fall I can apply to become a certified NJ teacher. With a significant amount of luck, I'll be a certified teacher, in the classroom bending ... errr shaping little minds in September 2004.

Potential schools right now include:
- East Stroudsburg University over the border in PA. Ttheir Masters of Education in Science sounds interesting... if their graduate studies people would just return my calls! Maybe they're still out for winter break.
- Centenary in Hackettstown. If I can find a program that works for me. I had 1 meeting with them. I'll have 1 more but it's not looking good.
- Rutgers in New Brunswick. Maybe but it's a long commute to New Brunswick!
- FDU in Madison: Maybe, though I might not make their entrance GPA requirements, and it's pricey.

Also, by mid-February, as soon as the paperwork settles in the appropriate Nooks and Crannies (tm)*, I'll start substitute teaching. Ironically, the training for being a sub consists of 2 sheets of paper and a map to the schools in the district. The notes on the sheets include things like: "#12. You must accompany your class outside in case of a fire drill." and "#20. Try to get as many students possible to participate and become involved in the lesson activity."


And I did the math out... get into Grad school, I need 5 A's before September... B's don't count and C's are right-out. That's 2 classes this semester, 2 first summer term, 1 second summer term. I'm going to have a busy summer! (and spring, and fall. Hurumph, my Tivo is gonna get lonely, though that's not a too terribly bad thing)

In it for the long haul,
Or at least: in for 'it'.


*Yes, Thomas' English Muffins owns "Nooks and Crannies". Check the package.


It's the 20th birthday of the Internet!
Happy Birthday, Internet! Make a wish and blow out your candles.

Oh, and happy birthday to the world as well! ;-)


------ Forwarded Message
From: Bob Braden <braden ot ISI dat EDU>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 10:08:38 -0800 (PST)
To: ietf ot ietf dat org
Cc: internet-history@postel.org
Subject: The 20th anniversary of the Internet

We ought not to let pass unnoticed the impending 20th anniversary of
the Internet. The most logical date of origin of the Internet is
January 1, 1983, when the ARPANET officially switched from the NCP
protocol to TCP/IP. Six months later, the ARPANET was split into the
two subnets ARPANET and MILNET, which were connected by Internet
gateways* (routers).

The planning for the January 1983 switchover was fully documented in
Jon Postel in RFC 801. The week-by-week progress of the transition was
reported in a series of 15 RFCs, in the range RFC 842 - RFC 876, by
UCLA student David Smallberg.

There may still be a few remaining T shirts that read, "I Survived the
TCP/IP Transition". People sometimes question that any geeks would
have been in machine rooms on January 1. Believe it!! Some geeks got
very little sleep for a few days (and that was before the work "geek"
was invented, I believe.)

So, on New Year's Eve, hoist one for the 20th anniversary of the

Bob Braden


* Routers brought to you by Bob Hinden of BBN.

** Prominent survivors included Dan Lynch of Interop fame.
And of course Vint Cerf was working the Levers of Power at

------ End of Forwarded Message
Archives at: http://www.interesting-people.org/archives/interesting-people/
--- end forwarded text


You're probably going to think that this sounds a bit lascivious, but I assure you that it's rather educational and fun.

A friend (Adam S. in Boston) told me about this mailing list... Sex News Daily. He appended pretty much the same disclaimer onto it but I only just barely believed him. I'm glad I took a look! This is a really good list!

Check it out at:

It has educational, slightly political, and funny articles about... well guess. But I promise that it's not 'dirty'.



(excerpted from a mass email to lots of friends)

After more than 10 months of unsuccessful looking for a Senior/Mgmt Software Quality Assurance position in or around NYC, I decided that a change of pace was in order. Money was getting a little tight and my resolve to stay in the dot-bomb industry was floundering.

Everyone keeps telling me that I'd make an excellent teacher so I started looking into it.... and I decided to give it a go! To get started, It's going to take a couple changes... I'm getting ready to take a job a substitute teacher to get a feel for where I'd like to end up; no, subbing it's often yucky work, but it's a start in the right place. I've got to go to school for a while to qualify to teach, probably starting January at Centenary in Hackettstown. The program will take somewhere between 1 and 3 years; I'm figuring out the details now. I temporarily moved to my parent's place in Hackettstown. The idea is that they will be away for most of the winter, I needed a place to regroup and get started on this second career. So I'll be here until May. That's when my snowbird parents arrive back in town.

I'll certainly miss my old place. But I still say that the neighborhood is way too sterile. Having a doorman sure was nice though. Shara, my housemate of four years has stayed in Jersey City, moving to her own place near Grove Street. Our recent housemate Dwight went to a different building at Newport. And our long lost Pierre is still far and away; last reports set him sunning himself on the beaches of California.

Hackettstown is a beautiful change of pace. It's a small town 20 miles from Pennsylvania and a 1 hour drive to NYC. Just yesterday we got 6 inches of snow and the lake behind the house froze over. The wintering geese don't look happy about the ice but they'll get used to it.

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Rough Science (better than 1980's This Old House!) and Justice League (Cartoons for the Buffy generation) are my favorite TV shows. Watch them.


Lukas showed me Oddtodd.com. Lukas Rulez


Jesus of Nazareth got his tallywacker ritually mutilated today. All the Jews had a big feast about it. Huh. Actually, I might be off on that date.... The historians tell me that he was probably born on 9-29-5 BC... and 8 days after that ISN'T 1-1-1. But since something like a quarter of the world celebrates his birthday as 12-25-1, and some good percentage of them celebrate "The Feast of the Circumcision", I'm sticking with my original date. To be honest, most of that whole period is a big haze for me. 

10-7-3761 BC

Right about sundown, the Jews next-door started hooting and hollering and singing. I went over to find out what was up and one of them told me they were celebrating the beginning of the world. Huh.

10-23-4004 BC

According to the King James Bible, the world was created today, so we invited everyone over and had a  party! As usual, the world drank too much and totally screwed up my house. After downing a whole case, he got up on the island in the kitchen to "address his populous". But before he said anything intelligible, he smashed his head on the ceiling, breaking the light and putting this world-sized hole in my ceiling! Asshole.

8-29-5493 BC

Panodoros, that crazy Alexandrian guy from across the river says that the world came into existence today. So, once again we got out the keg but this time I kept a careful watch on the world. I'm still pissed at him for busting my ceiling at his birthday in 4004 BC.. oh wait, that didn't happen yet... I'm writing this journal backwards! Damn time continuum.

9-1-5509 BC

The Byzantines say that today is the first day of the rest of the world's life. I didn't invite the world over. He friggin broke 2 windows and totally smashed a bookshelf upstairs when he was over in 5493 BC! He keeps saying that he'll "take care of it" but I haven't seen bupkis from him yet.

1-1-14999997997 BC

My ears are still ringing from some awfully big bang. If this darn ringing keeps up, I'll have to go to the doctor but you know what he's gonna say. Nothing, and then he'll charge me an arm and a leg for sticking that flashlight in my ear. My health insurance doesn't cut-in for another 3 months so I think I'll wait and see how I feel then.