BRC almost gone

About a week after Burning Man ended, someone wrote to the NYC Burning Man list pointing to some photos of Black Rock City being taken down. My initial response:

>Subject: [BManNYC] BRC almost gone

Oh man, I feel like I'm dying a little death. My home is now only "up there"
in my mind. But I guess it always was, wasn't it?

[long sigh]

Lee / Connector

Fey wrote back right away on the list


David responded to that with

I'm not sure that burning it would be consonant with Burning Man's leave-no-trace philosophy. Or even the law. I've had misgivings about using burn platforms to get rid of refuse. On one hand, they were a great convenience, but on the other hand, the long black plumes of smoke were bad for the air environment. Perhaps it would be more responsible to haul our refuse out instead. Here's what Washoe County regulations state:


"It is unlawful to

burn, or cause to be burned, any combustible refuse in any outdoor waste burner, unless

that burner is an incinerator with a valid Permit to Operate"


Fey's response



And then mine (the whole point of this page...)

After careful consideration of the moral and legal implications (thanks to Fey and David for guidance) I have made a partial decision concerning what I'll do about my home.

Hmm. I was originally going to be funny and say, "I'm going to fuckin burn it." But then I thought back about my whole experience in the desert. I'm thinking right now that I already -did- burn my home. I think I burned my old home in the fires and I'm getting ready for my new one. I'm not sure. I don't know. But then I haven't known for 2 years now. I'm still scared but I feel, after the burn, that it's alright for me to walk where scary things are. They might bite. But when they do, I can then make my choices... bite back... keep on walking... change my path again. What the fuck am I saying?
I'm speaking from the comfort of cheap living conditions... an odd "sweet spot" dollar-wise. But this sweet spot is also a neutral place; not going forward or back; a stagnant place. I've been here before when I was working for The Very Large Corporation of America.

I'm going to get my affairs in order and see what I can do.

Wish me luck, or don't.

PS. A friend told me a Burning Man story that I've been thinking about a lot recently. A guy was walking around (maybe the Esplanade or Center Camp) yelling at every passer-by, "Fuck you!!" Some reacted frightened-like and he kept yelling, and pointing accusatorially. Some closed up and he kept shouting and walking about. He didn't care. "Fuck you!" was all that mattered. Some shouted back "Fuck you!" angrily. Some got it and screamed back, with smiles on their faces. I'm not accustomed to being that person. I think I might want to be that person.

I don't know.
But I'll keep walking around.

Fuck you!