Please Don’t Vote For Trump

Please Don’t Vote For Trump

America doesn’t need a xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, pants on fire liar leader who’s main tactics are fear, uncertainty and doubt , bullying, and bankruptcy courts. The competition, Hillary has her faults but they are the typical foibles of a career politician, not of a dangerous demagogue.


Eye Problems

Eye Problems

Two weeks ago I noticed difficulty seeing out of my right eye. I couldn’t read text on the computer or on paper, it was too blurry. After two visits to the UC Berkeley Meredith Morgan Eye Center and a battery of blood tests to rule out underlying issues, I’ve been diagnosed with non-ischemic central retinal vein occlusion with mild macular edema. The doctors have been saying “You’re too young for this disorder”. But, except for some risk factors that I don’t have, this disorder is idiopathic, which means that no one knows why I got it. And there’s no treatment for the main symptoms. Just wait and hope it gets better. My doctor, an expert in the field, told me today that 1/3 get better, 1/3 stay the same, 1/3 get worse.

I’ve occasionally been bumping into things on my right side. I can’t read with my right eye… I’m typing this keeping my right eye shut. Moving around takes more energy because I have to focus more on where I’m going. My depth perception is much worse, and my ability to discriminate objects at a distance is reduced. This sucks.

I’ll be going for an eye treatment soon to address the macular edema. Please wish me good luck.


Some details about how it started: on Thursday October 20th I woke up and stumbled around the bedroom more than usual. My right eye was seeing spots and my vision was a lot darker than my left. I assumed that I had rolled onto my right eye with my pillow and went on with my day. Friday the same thing happened. Saturday wasn’t as bad in the morning but at around 9:30pm I was reading on my computer, and thinking something was wrong, I closed my left eye. I noticed several places in my vision that were hazy. It was like I was looking through a glass pane with several water drops drizzled across it. Within a few minutes, I called the 24 hour line at Meredith Morgan Eye Center.

Looking for Book / Magazine Recommendations for 2-5 year old

Looking for Book / Magazine Recommendations for 2-5 year old!

What are some good magazines for my almost 2 year old daughter?

Maybe you could comment on these suggestions…
To start off the list…
– Games Magazine Junior Kids’ Big Book of Games
– High Five
– Highlights for Children
– Ranger Rick Jr

Megan, Abigail, and Lee have moved!

If you’re a friend and would like our new address, please write to me!

We now live in a two-bedroom apartment in a four apartment building in North Berkeley, California. The house sits at the end of a long driveway, making it pleasantly secluded in a great neighborhood. We have our own private patio and we open the back fence to a communal 1/4 acre back yard with grass, trees and bocce court!

We live just a few blocks away from a great grocery store (Monterey Market), and a row of stores with a meat market, fish market, cheese market, bakery, Chinese restaurant, pizza place, wine store, coffee shop, and plant nursery! The neighborhood is full of kids under three years old, and just four blocks away is a large playground with everything from tennis courts, swings, and a public pool. We were very cramped in our one bedroom apartment with very few friends or neighbors to talk to.

Right now the place is full of boxes but we are rapidly making headway! We’ll be having a house-warming party soon.

We’re all well. Abigail is growing, drawing, climbing, and telling us about her world all the time. Megan is chilling at home now that her school year has ended. And Lee’s school fieldwork is a refreshing change, with fewer hours and a much more gentle commute.

Lee, Megan, and Abigail

Earmuffs for Tinnitus

I’ve been experiencing tinnitus for the last two years or so… There is ALWAYS a ringing in my ears. It sounds a lot like cymbals that just never stop. Ba da bump, Tsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…

It occurred to me that my 5 hour/day public transit commute to school might be contributing to the problem so I got the best earmuffs I could find.
I got these earmuffs for my commute. They are the highest noise reduction I could get:Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff (R-01902)

I like them because when I put them on I don’t hear anything else. If you talk at a normal volume 5 feet away, I MIGHT notice that you are standing there. It’s nice for when I need to concentrate on something.

The music headphones on these earmuffs are too quiet to be useful. Maybe that’s a safety feature but it totally sucks. So when I want to play music, I put in earbud headphones and then the earmuffs on top. It works but it’s a big bother. I tried several music players and I exchanged the earmuffs to find the same problem.

Here is a second earmuff that might be better for a long commute. I don’t have this next pair but this second pair is supposed to be designed for playing music. They block less sound (25 NRI instead of 30 NRI), but it should be good enough for the train. And they are less expensive.

Howard Leight 1030110 Sync Noise-Blocking Stereo Earmuff
Enjoy. If you get either, I’d love to hear what you think.

What a Small OT World It Is

In the next few years, I will personally know at least 1 in every 420 OTs in America. So if you were to ask if I knew your random OT friend, there’s actually a chance I’d say “yes”!

There are 115,000 OTs in the US
I personally know 270 (30 current occupational therapists, 80 students in my cohort, 100 students in the previous cohort, 60 students in the next cohort) 270 / 115,000 = 0.0023 . . . . 0.23% of the OTs in America, that’s 1 in every 420 OTs in America!

It is very important to not burn professional bridges!