Makers Making Change

My friend Zee runs a project that is focused on connecting makers to people with disabilities to create open-source assistive technologies. They are putting plans online so anyone can 3D print their own AT devices! One of their flagship devices is an inexpensive, open-source, mouth controlled input device to operate a touchscreen device. Check out their website with many open-source designs:

Are you a maker that wants to help people with disabilities? Sign up at, connect, and build useful stuff!

Cree comes through

Last year I bought 6 Cree “True White” LED light bulbs. Over the last few months, 4 of them have burned out: not so good for something with a 5 year warranty. I wrote to them and they sent me upgraded replacements. Hurray for Cree!

That’s better than the 10-year warranty Calphalon pans I tried to return. They required that I mail them back. The $60 postage for UPS ground (and maybe $30 for USPS but I didn’t bother checking) would have cost more than the pans :-( So out on the street they went.

Smoke in Berkeley

Berkeley is getting more and more smokey from the wildfires to the north. I put on a respirator while inside the house and my vague headache went away almost immediately. I think the family might go someplace outside the bay area this weekend.

In-Laws House Destroyed by Wildfires

I am sad to say that the home of my in-laws Walt and Gail in Santa Rosa was destroyed by the recent wildfires. All family members got out safely with just a car-load of their possessions. They are now spending time locally to regroup.

30-Day Time-Lapse Video From A Cargo Ship

I expected to watch a snippet and smile. At the end of the 10 minute video, I feel transformed, reminded of the vastness of our world.

Riding the Carousel in Tilden Park