What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

Flaming Lotus Girls and The Serpent Mother

I worked on The Serpent Mother for Burning Man 2006. I can’t tell anymore if that was a long time ago or not. Regardless, here is a little tour…

The Serpent Mother’s head and back, silhouetted against the Black Rock Desert sky

Before I joined the Flaming Lotus Girls, one of their first and bestest pieces was The Seven Sisters

A closeup of Alcyon, my favorite of the Seven Sisters. A spinning ball of fire!

The Hand of God, another piece that predates my joining FLG. It shoots liquid methanol under high pressure

The Serpent Mother. I helped build her!

Her tail

She draws a crowd

A big crowd

One part I worked on was her LED underbelly

Propane flows through her spine like blood

Switched Away from GoDaddy.com DNS Hosting

As I said I would, I cancelled my Godaddy.com DNS hosting because I found out about their long string of misogynistic advertisements. See my conversation with Godaddy folks about this. While they don’t run such ads any more, it is important to not encourage any company to benefit from such practices. They got big because of their negative publicity and that is not right.

Here is the Godaddy ad that broke the camel’s back.

My web hosting is through Dreamhost so I switched to Dreamhost DNS.

Our Wedding Website

For Megan and my wedding, we created a nice website connected with our invitation.

(you may want to right-click to open these images in a new window because they are very large)

The wedding invitation was pretty rad. Lasercut and etched stainless steel, designed by our friend Sarahjane Bernhisel, owner of Bison Paper Company.

The Wedding of Megan Flom and Lee Sonko

At the bottom, “Visit www.MeganAndLeeWedding.com”
Here are snapshots of the site:

1 Welcome

2 Wedding Events

3 Travel   Lodging - Megan and Lee


5 Weather

6 Our Story

7 Registry

7b Registry - Honeyfund

8 Photo Album

9 Honeymoon

10 FAQ

Introducing Abigail!

Introducing Abigail!
Our dear daughter Abigail was born January 19th at 12:17pm! She came into this world quickly after a routine (and VERY fortuitously timed) non-stress test discovered a problem with reverse blood flow in the umbilical cord. Within 2 hours of the beginning of the appointment, mother, father, and baby met one another during a C-section!

Abigail’s birth was just a few weeks unexpectedly early but apparently it was time! Every hour she is getting stronger and it looks like she’ll be going home with us in a week or two. Every sign is excellent! Megan is doing very well, breastfeeding has been magical, and she’s been bounding around the hospital more quickly than much of the staff anticipated.

Megan, Lee, and Abigail

Dr. Adolf Meyer meets Dr. Herbert Hall

Dr. Adolf Meyer meets Dr. Herbert Hall

We gave presentations in History of OT class. I presented a speech written by my classmates and I as Dr. Adolf Meyer, arguably one of the founders of OT in America. My classmate Casey presented as Dr. Herbert Hall. We all rocked.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Jeff for the 1920’s suit. It looked gooooood!