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I’ve been putting Google Adsense Ads on since 2008. Initially, it earned about $300/year. Now it’s down to about $100/year. The vast majority of my web traffic is from random passersby. Since I don’t want to bother my friends with ads, I’ve changed it so that the most recent 3 months of content are free of ads. About 1 in 1000 page views generates a click on an ad, each is worth $0.10-$0.30 to me.

I make the 3 month delay happen with WP Super Cache and the no adverts for friends plugin. I hand modified a line in friendsadverts.php to change it from the default 15 days to 90 days.

if( get_post_time() < date( ‘U’ ) – 7776000 )

7776000 is 90 days in seconds.

Thanks Donncha!

Installed Like-it

If you like this post, then click the Like-it button at the bottom of it! It’s easier than leaving a comment.

New Comment Spam Policy

(mouseover: And what about all the people who won’t be able to join the community because they’re terrible at making helpful and constructive co– … oh. )

I get my news from The Daily Show and my blogging advice from XKCD.

Unconstructive comments will be marked as spam.

Muddying the Waters with WPBook

I just installed WPBook in a vain (as in “in vain”) effort to allow my Facebook friends to continue to read my blog.

My blog posts are now forwarded to my Facebook Wall.

I used Wordbook for about a year but it recently broke :-(. I’m sure the Facebook people don’t like this functionality because it sucks people away from their one-website-internet plan. So we’ll see how long WPBook lasts!

Installed Bad Behavior

In the continuing effort to fight comment spam, I installed the Bad Behavior plugin on the blog. If this accidentally stops your legitimate comment, please email me at Lee at Lee dat org.

update 4-11-11: I removed Bad Behavior a while back. See the comments

Installed Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll looks like a fun plugin. It almost worked perfectly right out of the box (see my note about WP-FancyZoom). I found it on the Balsaman blog.

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and the next page should load up automatically. :-)

To make the WP FancyZoom WordPress Plugin work well with Infinite Scroll, I figured out that I have to add the following to the “Javascript to be called” section:


Please tell me what you think of this change!