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Google Chrome Not Updating

Google Chrome Not Updating
I was having trouble with Google Chrome on a new computer. Chrome refused to update itself and I couldn’t make it update. Here is how I fixed it:

The problem turned out to be that Google Update (which maintains Chrome) had been installed on my computer by the manufacturer and wasn’t updating itself. There is no way to uninstall Google Update. To remove Google Update, remove all the dependent programs, wait an hour, and it will uninstall itself.

I uninstalled Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, waited an hour, saw Google Update was gone, reinstalled Chrome and TADA!

Facebookification of the Internet?

Where is all the internet traffic going? Facebook?
Here’s my daily page-view stats for the last 2 years:

No matter. I blog for me.

Switched Away from DNS Hosting

As I said I would, I cancelled my DNS hosting because I found out about their long string of misogynistic advertisements. See my conversation with Godaddy folks about this. While they don’t run such ads any more, it is important to not encourage any company to benefit from such practices. They got big because of their negative publicity and that is not right.

Here is the Godaddy ad that broke the camel’s back.

My web hosting is through Dreamhost so I switched to Dreamhost DNS.

How to Delete a Printer That Keeps Coming Back in Windows 7

I had a printer configuration problem so I had to delete and then reinstall my printer. The trouble was, I would delete the printer and then it would magically come back.


This solved my problem:

look in this folder:


Is it empty?

If not delete everything in the folder

Restart your computer


Sparkfun Illuminated Switch Schematic

I got these really nice illuminated switches from Sparkfun to control the Rubens’ Tube I built with a friend. Wiring them up was strangely non-obvious so I figured I’d post a schematic here.

How To Remove Words from the Google Chrome Dictionary

Here is how to edit the Google Chrome autocorrect dictionary. Just go to this web page:


(you have to copy-paste that line into your browser)