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East Bay Bike Party with Abigail

Today we introduced Abigail (and Megan, and I!) to the East Bay Bike Party! It was partly an introduction to biking, partially to biking and Burner culture. She loved it! She gave away a hundred glow sticks to a hundred smiling, gratitude-filled people! She told us how good it felt to give gifts :-). Tomorrow […]

Help The Crucible Earn $25,000 for It’s Bike Program

The Crucible has the chance to win a $25,000 grant from State Farm for our Bike Program, and you can help. All you have to do is vote on Facebook every day between today and April 22. Click here to vote  on State Farm’s Facebook App. (You’ll have to give the application permissions, but only […]

Really Good Bike Light

I was riding down a foggy, dark Berkeley hill over the summer thinking, “I can’t see the road! I’m going to get killed!” So I got a bright bike light. I only ended up paying $50 on Amazon and I’m quite happy with it. It is literally as bright as a car headlight! I’ve pulled […]

Bike Expenses

I sold my car 5 1/2  months  ago and got a bike. Did it pay for itself? Jump to the last paragraph for the money shot. One Time Bike Expenses: $630 Bike $80 locking skewers $80 bike pump $30 bike theft registration $150 large backpack $20 fancy bungie cords $70 Shimano PD-A530 clipless SPD pedals […]

Review of Delta Rothko Rolling Bike Stand: Don’t trust it. Don’t like it

As I posted on (and next to all the other poor reviews): It was the only bike stand at REI, San Francisco and there weren’t any set up which made me suspicious but I bought it anyway. Why the hell is it on wheels? That makes it slip around! When used “correctly”, it holds […]

Crackhead-Proofing My Bike

In hope of keeping my bike seat out of some crackhead’s streetcorner sale, I have applied polycaprolactone (AKA Shapelock plastic or PCL) to the vulnerable hex-head bolts. I covered the top bolt on the seat (pictured), the seat post bolt, and the headstock bolt. It is impossible to remove by hand but can be removed […]

New Bike

Now that I’m a student, and I can get to all my classes and volunteering by train and such, I’ll be selling my car. Of course, I figure I’ve got to fix the car up enough so that the Check Engine light stays off first. And then it’s all Zipcar, BART and biking for me. […]

How to Buy or Rent a Bike for Burning Man

If you’re going to Burning Man, you should bring a bicycle. Many people have asked me the best way to get a bike to Burning Man. Here is a great guide from the Jack Rabbit Speaks ————————————————– Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks Volume 14, Issue #26: BIKES July 27, 2010 {============================================================} ====================TABLE OF […]

Burning Man Feedback: Stolen bike Lost and Found and Yellow Bikes Travis

On the Wednesday of Burning Man, my bike was stolen. I had parked it in front of Soma with a cheap 4 number wire lock on the front wheel. So no drunkard took it, the lock was cut with tin snips or better :-(. And darn it, I was less than 5 minutes away from […]

Treasure Island bike rack design competition

Treasure Island bike rack design competition: design due March 13th Join me! $700 award for the best 3 designs that reference Treasure Island.  And they’ll probably get installed on the island :-)   You don’t have to build it, just design it. Hey, wanna work on it together? Ping me.   More here: