Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

It was a bother…. almost an hour of upgrading, disabling and re-enabling plugins.

And I really don’t grok the Add Media buttons. I only let myself upgrade now because the guy who makes Flexible Upload was kind enough to port his plugin to WP 2.5. It still bugs me that the new upload windows are modal. So now I’ve got to sit around and wait for them to finish until I can continue writing. It used to be that I could add images while I was typing. In addition, since it’s modal, I don’t have a chance to place the images exactly where I want them with my cursor as an insertion point. Instead, I just plunk all the images down into the post and then I can rearrange them.


  1. Here’s a half solution:

    In firefox right click on the ‘add an image’ button and select open in a new tab and/or

  2. Lee says:

    Phil, that is very helpful. Thanks.

    Let’s hope the full solution materializes soon!

  3. […] to insert an image, in 2.5 and 2.6, you’ve got to jump through several hoops. See here and here. And there is no word on whether Flexible Upload will be getting an update. If I were him, I would […]

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