Is Zicam Homeopathy or Medicine

Our doctor recommended Zicam.

It is a “1x” homeopathic dilution of zincum gluconicum.. Normally I would say that homeopathy is absolute rubbish…. no let me revise that statement and say firmly, “homeopathy is absolute rubbish.” But a “1x” dilution is a 1 to 10 dilution… which is to say that 10% the ingredients are actual… ingredients. That sounds like MEDICINE. WTF?

I HATE that this company is touting actual medical studies and co-mingling it with the notion that it is homeopathy. It isn’t. Or maybe it is. The box says “This product is not required to go through the FDA’s New Drug Application approval process.” Hey FDA, you’re screwing up!

Gmail SPF Softfail When Pulling Email in From Another Account via POP3

For a long while I’ve been forwarding my email to my Gmail account. One problem I’ve had is that some valid email falls into my Gmail spam folder. This is probably because those forwarded (actually, pulled via POP3) emails always softfail SPF in Gmail. It stands to reason since gmail isn’t But ugh!

I’m tired of wading through my spam folder for obviously valid email!
I think the only way to fix this is to get a Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) account and have Google host my mail fully. Does that sound right?

Seeking Smartlock Recommendations

ISO recommendations for a smartlock for an external door. Especially looking to make sure our doors are locked at night with an app.

Scheduled My First COVID Vaccine!

I just scheduled my first COVID vaccine dose! Feb 2nd!

Abigail’s Amazing School

Here’s what Abigail did LAST WEEK in school. It’s astounding! Step One in Berkeley is an amazing school! I’m so proud and happy to be a part of it, for myself and my daughter!

(If you are using Chrome on Windows, here’s how to view this stupidly long image (sorry!) right-click | open link in new tab, then click on the image to zoom in on it)

The Best Food Storage Containers

My favorite food storage containers AKA “Tuppers” are the rectangular “Ikea 365+” line. Here’s why:

  • The same top is used by ALL of the different sizes (34 ounce to 142 ounce) and materials (plastic and glass). No more rummaging for the right size lid!!!
  • Having consistent dimensions, they stack well in the fridge and nest well on the storage shelf.
  • Being rectangular, they use space more efficiently than a cylindrical or bowl shaped container.
  • They are inexpensive and I can buy more of the exact same size, unlike the stupid “premium limited edition” food containers I’ve had in the past.
  • Available in light & break-resistant plastic, and oven safe & stain-proof glass, I use them daily!

Here are the exact sizes I have, all with the same beautiful lids:

  • 34 ounce plastic
  • 34 ounce glass
  • 68 ounce plastic
  • 61 ounce glass (the mate for the 68 oz. glass)

I’ve had them now for a few years and they’ve stood up well. The plastic appear to be polypropylene, as they read “P.P.”

The 142 ounce containers use the same lids but I don’t have any yet.

The only downside I’ve found so far is that the 34 ounce size is too big for what you’d consider “small” leftovers. If it doesn’t make a mess, I will sometimes put two different small leftovers in the same container. They make a sectioning system that I should try out!

(I previously wrote about food storage)

CA Notify

(I think this is only for people in California. Other states have their own programs, I believe)
This app for Android and iPhone will tell you if you’ve been in proximity to someone with COVID. It’s a completely voluntary, completely anonymous reporting system. Just one more way to help stop the spread.
It seems to be working well on my phone for the past 2 weeks or so.

Looking for Wireless Earbuds to do Video Zoom Sessions

I need to use earphones to hear my clients on Zoom. I tried the premium “Jabra Evolve 65T” bluetooth earbuds but they didn’t work for me at all (see my review below). I’ll pay a premium price. Any suggestions?

My review of the Evolve 65T True Wireless Professional UC Headset, posted to Amazon 1-14-21

Several insurmountable problems led to a return

I was hoping to use these to do video Zoom chats on my Windows computer. Using them for listening to music and podcasts too. A couple issues forced me to return them:

– They occasionally make a very loud click in my ears. Once it happened when I walked away from my desk, maybe it lost bluetooth connection? Once it happened while I was trying to configure it. Earbuds should NEVER blast my ears with a loud click!

– The audio balance for music is often 90% to the left and can’t be fixed. I googled around and found several forums filled with people saying “yeah, that’s a problem. I called Jabra and they couldn’t fix it.” One fix seemed to work for some people: sticking a needle in the microphone port below the “R” on the right earbud and wiggling it around. I gently tried this (on my brand new earbuds) and it didn’t work.

– I had a bit of trouble configuring them to work. Making the sound path from Zoom/Spotify/default computer audio to the speakers wasn’t intuitive and the manual consisted of just 4 pictograms. I muddled through but a little more help from Jabra would have been nice. Here are some hints (that Jabra doesn’t mention!): The Jabra “Sound+” app for Android can help you configure the earbuds… but some forums say it is responsible for the left-balance problem. You should get the Jabra Direct Windows program to set up the Jabra USB Link 370 USB Adapter.

I welcome comments saying which earbuds will work well for Zoom on Windows! These were premium priced, I’d be happy to spend premium money to make it work!

A Reminder

I don’t want to leave this photo here but I have to. As a reminder.

Adam Christian Johnson

Where I Practice OT in 2021

Here’s where I practice school-based OT at the beginning of 2021.